Roots of Empathy


Roots of Empathy is a classroom based program with a goal of teaching emotional literacy, empathy and human development.  The program has also shown significant decreases in aggression among school age children.

Participating classes study nine different themes over the course of a school year.  Each theme involves a pre and a post visit lesson with the classroom teacher and the instructor, and a family visit with the baby and their parent.

This is Opasquia School’s 3rd year participating in the Roots of Empathy Program.

This year we have 5 instructors at our school and 4 classrooms participating.

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Roots of Empathy 2016-2017

Baby Avery and Mommy Jessie
Instructor: Kristen Welsh and Brittany Armstrong-Bernier
Classroom teacher: Mme. Dunnigan
Baby Carter and Mommy Leah
Instructor: Carla Bonar
Classroom teacher: Ms. Moule
Baby Brysen and Mommy Megan
Instructor: Lynda Geswin
Classroom teacher: Mme. Delvieger
Baby Lincoln and Mommy Jen
Instructor: Lynda Geswin
classroom teacher: Mrs. Enns


Roots of Empathy 2015-2016

Baby Ivy and Mommy Dayna

Instructors: Lynda Geswin and Jennifer Mathews

Classroom teacher: Mrs. Little

Baby Kaas and Mommy

Instructor: Lynda Geswin

Classroom teacher: Mrs. Chartrand

Baby Joey and Momma Eyrin and Daddy Sheldon

Instructors: Brittany Armstrong-Bernier and Carla Bonar

Classroom teacher: Mme. Armstrong-Bernier

Roots of Empathy 2014-2015

Baby Ada and Momma Jen

Instructor: Brittany Armstrong-Bernier

Classroom teacher: Mme. Megan

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