Mr. Hetherington

Hello everybody! I’ve created a challenge for the month of May for your child to try. I’ve created it to look like a calendar, but instead of dates, there is a different activity in each square. You do not have to do the activities in order. You may choose to do the skills/activities in whichever order works best for you and your child. The main goal is to finish as many as possible. When you have completed a task, you can cross it out or color in the square.
Finally, it would be awesome if you were able to send pictures and/or videos of your child attempting some of the skills/activities. It will help me with assessing their skills.
The challenge sheet is attached to this message, enjoy!
Happy Monday everybody. Here’s the next package of work to try, hope you have fun with them! I will have to post them one at a time so they will pop up right after this post. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc. My email is –
Toys in the Box
Rolling for Fitness
Hello everyone, Mr. H here! I hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe. The week before spring break, I sent home a skills package for my students to work on. Now that they have had some time to practice the skills on the sheet, I have created a couple of check list sheets, where students will be able to try and challenge themselves by completing the little tasks/goals on the checklist. They will be able to complete these checklists at their own pace. Along with the checklists, I will be posting videos on this group, where your children will be able to have access at any time to follow along. You don’t have to watch the videos, but I just thought it would help by being able to follow along!
Thank you everyone and Happy Easter!

Transport and Balance Skills Checklist printable version


Manipulative skills – Part 1:

Manipulative skills – Part 2:


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