Parent Council (PAC)

Our next meeting will be:

Wednesday January 8th at 7:00 pm in the school library. 

A Parent Advisory Council or PAC is a provincially mandated body that is meant to give parental and community support and input to schools. Each provincial school has one, as does Opasquia.   In the past the PAC has supported the acquisition of new computer equipment,  purchased equipment for the playground, recognized staff and parent volunteers for their contributions, and supported school initiatives such as Opening Day Conferences and grade one Staggered Entrance.

What can we do better?  How about no more BORING meetings?  Whether this is a reality or simply a perception, the fact remains that we do not have enough parents currently involved in PAC to have a quorum for our meetings…seven member parents are needed to have an official PAC meeting.   We want to keep PAC going as we feel that involved parents do make a difference.  It is a way for parents to have their voice heard in how our school operates.

Yes, Opasquia School Rocks…but that doesn’t just happen by chance.  It takes the collective effort of a community of people to make things run smoothly in a school.  If you would like your voice heard, please join us at the next PAC meeting.  Or better yet, become involved in PAC. The enthusiasm that makes Opasquia such a special place is bound to rub off on you too.



Meeting Minutes:

October 9th

November 13th

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