Mme Gallagher

Dear Grade One Families,
The children are at the end of their science unit on Objects and Materials. We learned about different types of materials that are used to make objects.  We did an experiment to look at the waterproof ability of different fabrics. Now, each student will design a useful object by choosing a recyclable object and changing it to make it into something that has a different valuable function. One suggestion is to use a juice can and change it into a pencil holder.  We will be starting this project May 4th.  In class, I have talked to them about what they can do.  Please help your child by discussing their ideas and then collecting the recyclable objects they will need to complete their useful object in class.
These projects will be finished by 12th and then we move onto our unit on Characteristics and Needs of Living Things.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Mme Gallagher













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