October at a glance

A peek at what’s happening this month!

One addition – Our first in person parent council meeting will take place Thursday October 27th at 7pm in the school library.

Come join us and help plan some fun events and fundraisers for the upcoming school year!

Grade 3 class receives Queen’s Jubilee Reward

Miss Moule’s Grade 3 class at Opasquia School is the recipient of a Canadian
Geographic Queen’s Jubilee Classroom Challenge reward. As one of the winners, their accomplishments will be featured on the Canadian Geographic social media channels.

The Queen is in the midst of celebrating her 70 years of service to the United Kingdom, to the Commonwealth and to Canada. Some of Queen Elizabeth’s joys include plants and gardens. In fact, she is a supporter and advocate of the preservation and renewal of plants. Canadian Geographic has taken the Queen’s love of nature and initiated a Canadian classroom challenge that has students go out into their own communities to discover and learn about native plants. There were several prizes.

The Grade 3 students had to wait a little bit longer this year to start exploring outdoors in line with their curriculum due to the frosty temperatures.

The first thing they did was dig in the dirt to get samples. From there, they examined the soil through a magnifying glass to pick out organic matter. The soils were rich with bugs, plants, worms, eggs, roots, tree bark and leaves.

After learning about different soils, how various soils are used, how important they are and how each one of them can be good conservationists, the students moved on to examining how plants grow.

The Queen’s Jubilee Challenge was a perfect opportunity for the students, as they started learning about what makes a plant survive and thrive.

Their research project was on bees. There are thousands of types of bees. They are so very diverse and interesting.

Each student got their own bee to research so they could share their knowledge.

The class was then lucky enough to have two local bee keepers come in to talk about these little creatures that are one of the most important components of our eco-system.

Kayden Geswin and Angela Rust had the class animated and engaged in conversations about how baby bees are produced, how they socialize, communicate and work with each other, the production of honey and wax, pollination, the plight of the bee population, what that means for plants and humans, and about how we, as humans, contribute to the decline of bees.

The students continued in deep discussions about what they could do to be good ambassadors and protectors of the bees as well as the environment as a whole.

The class rounded off their springtime outdoor nature lessons by researching local tree species and matching their research with area tree populations.

The pictures and information earned the group the monetary prize. The students are discussing how they want to spend the money within the school.

Angela Rust sharing her knowledge about bees in our outdoor classroom
Local beekeeper, Kayden Geswin sharing with Ms. Moule’s class how he raises and protects bees.
Ms. Moue’s class checkout inside a beehive with Kayden Geswin

Ossum Possum Ms. Moule’s class!

Terry Fox t-shirt Fundraiser

The annual Terry Fox School Run has become a Fall tradition at École Opasquia School.  Terry Fox started his marathon of Hope 42 years ago and we started our school run 25 years ago. 


To celebrate our 25th year of keeping Terry’s dream alive, we are organizing a t-shirt fundraiser as a school.  All money raised from t-shirt sales will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. 

If you would like to order your child(ren) a t-shirt please print and complete the order form attached and return money and form to the school by Friday May 13th.

We hope to deliver t-shirts this Spring but if we are unable to we will ensure all t-shirts make it to Scott Bateman Middle School for anyone who is moving on to grade 6.

Thank you!

École Opasquia School Staff